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2017-2018 Bridge Builder Scholarship Recipients

Good afternoon,


Now that my first semester of college is over, I have to once again say thank you to the Bridge Builders Foundation's Scholarship Committee for choosing me to be a recipient of your scholarship. Because of your financial contribution to my education, I did not have to worry about paying for any of my classes or textbooks. I was able to go to my professors's office hours and seek help with my coursework with my free time. I did not feel the need or stress to get a job and balance classes and work because of this scholarship.


Thank you so much for your support because with your scholarship I have been able to excel in my classes and become involved with organizations at the University of Florida (UF). In fact, I am a member of the Freshman Leadership Council (FLC), which is a UF Student Government agency that falls underneath the Executive Branch. This organization embodies unity, integrity, diversity, innovation, service, and commitment. We, a select group of 50 freshmen, seek to become contributing members and leaders of society. Another organization that I am affiliated with is the Leadership Develop Institute (LDI) under the Black Student Union (BSU). LDI is a program that allows its members to develop as leaders and grow as individuals. As a result of the Bridge Builders Foundation's Scholarship Committee granting me this scholarship, I have been able to do well in my classes and meet inspirational and motivational people through my involvement. Attached in this email are some pictures of my involvement from this semester. I hope that you have a happy holidays and a happy new year.



Sarah Louis

December 14, 2018

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