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Committee Chair 

Achievement Week - Brother Julian Jefferson (Chair)

Scholarship - Brother Terry Strickland (Chair) and Brother Owen Brown

Social Action - Brother L. Maurice Harper (Chair) and Brother James Benjamin

Talent Hunt - Brother Tommie Lynum (Chair) and Brother Sheddrick Gurley

Memorial Service - Brother Arnold  (Chair) and Brother 

Health Initiatives - Brother Owen Brown (Chair) Brother Darrick Adams and Brother Daniel Bland

Voter's Registration - Brother Andrew Powell (Chair) and Brother Ray Callier

MSP - Brother Ray Callier (Chair) and Brother Anthony Scott

Mentoring - Brother Stephen Ryan (Chair) and Brothers Terry Strickland, James Benjamin,  Andrew Powell, Julian Jefferson, and Andre Gaines.

College Endowment - Brother Andrew Powell (Chair)

Holiday Food Drive – Brother TBD (Chair)

Budget - Brother Owen Brown (Chair) and Brother Douglas Hollis

Reclamation & Retention - Brother Jeffrey Drew (Chair) and Brother Andre Gaines 

Sneaker Ball - Brother Andre Gaines (Chair)

NAACP - Brother Alvin Moore (Chair) and Brother Alvin Peterson

Orlando Metro NPHC - Brother Owen Brown (Chair) and Brother Ray Callier

Editor to the Oracle - Brother Sheddrick Gurley (Chair) and Brother Ian Francis

QBB 40th Anniversary – Brother Anthony Scott (Chair) and Brother James Brown III

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